Frilansarnas nordiska samarbete

Det här är en kortversion av den gemensamma texten om det nordiska samarbetet mellan frilansarnas organisationer. En längre text kan läsas här.

The freelance journalists in the Nordic countries share common interests and challenges. Freelancers can gain on the Nordic freelance cooperation by sharing information and good practices. The aim is to strengthen our international co-operation to help us solve problems and make life easier for freelancers in all the member countries.

Nordic freelance organisations, within the journalist unions of each country, will use the Nordic Freelance Cooperation as a common platform to meet challenges and to develop joint strategies. The work is organised by the Nordic Committee, which meets regularly, a minimum of 6 times per year. The highest decision-making body, the Top Meeting, meets once a year. The Nordic freelance organisations also arrange a Nordic freelance seminar each year, in one of the member countries.

The Nordic freelance organisations are:

FreelanceGruppen/Dansk journalistlag, from Denmark.

Frilans Riks/Svenska Journalistförbundet, from Sweden.

NJ Frilans/Norsk journalistlag, from Norway.

Suomen freelance journalistit/Suomen journalistiliitto, from Finland.

Freelance ammattiosasto/Radio-ja tv-toimittajien liitto/Suomen journalistiliitto, representing the freelance tv- and radiojournalists of Finland.

Nordic Committee members 2016-2017:

Anette Selmer-Andresen,, (secretary), NJ Frilans, Norway

Ingrid Svanfeldt, (vice-secretary), freelance ammattiosasto (FAO), Finland

Morten Bergholt,, FreelanceGruppen, Denmark

Victoria da Silva,, Frilans Riks, Sweden

Juhavaltteri Salminen,, Suomen freelance journalistit (SFJ), Finland

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